Brand Ingredients

The active ingredients in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals are what empower products to deliver on the promises they make to their customers.
LifeBio’s brand ingredients portfolio focus on cardiovascular health. We’d love to help you develop your next game-changing product that draws on the power of our active ingredients.

Garlife® GE-Garlic Extract /Allicin, Alliin

Garlife® BG-Black Garlic Extract, /SAC

Garlife® AGE-Aged Garlic Extract /SAC

Garlife® GO-Garlic Oil /Allicin, Macerated

Garlife® Cardio

Garlife® GUT

RedLife® Red Yeast Rice PE / Monacolin-k

LiFucoi® Fucoidan – For Gut Health

Broccolife® – Broccoli extract, standardized sulforaphane & glucosinolate

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your ingredients safe?

Absolutely, go to our quality statement to get more details.

More than just the ingredient itself, We offer to formulators maximum flexibility and versatility for the best quality finished products.

Are your ingredients effective?

Yes, LifeBio draw on our focused research and applications capabilities, rigorous quality and regulatory standards so that we can offer effective solutions for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical brands.

Whether your ingredients are legal for food supplements?

Our ingredients must only be used in compliance with local laws and regulations. However, we can not guarantee the freedom of use for every intended application or country.

Whether your ingredients can treat the disease?

Our ingredients are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. A healthy, balanced and diversified diet should fulfill all nutritional needs.

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