LiFucoi® Fucoidan – For Gut Health

Ingredient: LiFucoi® Fucoidan
Botanical Origin: Undaria, Or Cladosiphon okamuranus (Okinawa mozuku)
Apparence: Off white powder

Specification List:
Purity: 90% Fucoidan
Sulfate group 20%+

LiFucoi® Fucoidan reducing risk of the H. pylori infection

What is LiFucoi® Fucoidan?

LiFucoi® Fucoidan is a naturally occurring fucoidan extracted from edible wild seaweed. We only use raw seaweed from the cleanest area and ensure sustainable using (set a catch quota of 1% of the total biomass).

LiFucoi® is produced by unique proprietary technologies which ensure the highest purity Fucoidan and Sulfuric acid group (top efficient structure for against H. pylori). Meantime lowest Iodine content (average 8.2ppm, close to common vegetables).

LiFucoi® Fucoidan use the only fucoidan source permitted by European agency EFSA — Undaria.

We could also offer other source algae, for example, Cladosiphon okamuranus (Okinawa mozuku), Contact us for more other Fucoidan.

Benefits & Features

LiFucoi® was developed specially for against H. pylori infection. It content highest purity Fucoidan and Sulfate group. (There are over 2,000 articles regarding fucoidan and its valuable health benefits in last 20 years.)

  • Safe removal of Helicobacter pylori (microphysical method, no side effects)
  • Protect and repair gastric mucosa
  • A Prebiotics, improvethe balance of these microorganisms.
  • Inhibits ethanol-induced intestinal DNA damage

How LiFucoi® Fucoidan work?

  1. Against Helicobacter pylori
    The unique structure of fucoidan just match H.pylori, and could attract H.pylori like a magnet and then excrete it from the body through the digestive tract. (The polymer backbone is negatively charged owing to the presence of sulfate groups. It strengthens the ability to attract HP). This physical method has almost no side effects. The immune system can only function on the mucosal side of the stomach. While Fucoidan not only physically takes away HP from the gastric juice side, but also activates immunity. The immune system can only function on the mucosal side of the stomach. While Fucoidan not only physically takes away HP from the
  2. Protect and repair gastric mucosa.
    Thinning of the gastric mucosa is one of the characteristics of chronic atrophic gastritis. Fucoidan has auxiliary protective function against gastric mucosal damage High-dose fucoidan gastric mucosal repair rate can reach 36%.
Fucoidan for against Helicobacter pylori

Why LiFucoi® Fucoidan?

  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • Vegan, GMO-free, Allegan free
  • High purity of Fucoidan and Sulfuric acid group
  • Lowest Iodine content (average 8.2ppm), Each EU member state has different control indicators for iodine. Compared with the 100ppm iodine content of other brand fucoidan, LiFucoi™ Fucoidan can meet the requirements of all EU member states.

Is Fucoidan Safe?

Fucoidan is a natural seaweed compound that has been shown to be non-toxic and non-allergenic. In recent years certain fucoidan extracts have attained regulatory approvals in a number of global jurisdictions for use in food and dietary supplements. Extracts from some seaweeds have been granted ‘Generally Recognized as Safe’ (GRAS) status with the US FDA.

LiFucoi™ Fucoidan conforms to food regulation of main FDA all over the world.

Please noted that LifeBio do not sell to public directly. As a manufacturer & supplier of Fucoidan, we focus on B2B.