Ergothioneine Powder EGT | ERGO

Ingredient: Ergothioneine EGT | ERGO
Apparence: Off white crystalline powder powder, bulk

99% powder, or crystalline powder
0.3%, 1%, or customized purity

For support healthy cellular aging in
dietary supplement, food, beverage, cosmetic and pet nutrition.

Ergothioneine powder supplier, Ergothioneine manufacturer EGT,ERGO

What is Ergothioneine?

Ergothioneine is an rare amino acid found in high concentrations in certain mushrooms, that has powerful cell-protecting properties.  It is widely present in the human erythrocytes, bone marrow, liver, kidney, and seminal fluid.

Even though our bodies had used ergothioneine to combat the effects of aging, but ergothioneine is only obtained through dietary sources, cannot be synthesized inside.


  • Unique and powerful antioxidants works INSIDE cellular.
  • May support healthy cellular aging by delaying telomere shortening
  • May support cognitive health, immune, healthy sleeping.

Features & <Science Background>

  • Works inside cell. — Our body have an ergothioneine transporter that moves EGT into cells in the body. Mammals, and many other forms of life have also been shown to use this transporter.  The ergothioneine transporter is expressed in many human tissues, where it imports EGT in.
  • Unparalleled stability. — Many antioxidants become unstable when exposed to molecular oxygen. However, ergothioneine, which has a thione group, remains stable in water for a long time. Additionally, ergothioneine is highly stable in both heat and acidic conditions.
  • Enduring antioxidant protection. — Unlike many water-soluble vitamins, ergothioneine is exceptionally bioavailable and avidly retained in the body. The presence of a specific Ergothioneine Transporter (ETT) facilitates the direct delivery of ergothioneine to cells and mitochondria, enhancing its ability to combat oxidative stress.


  • Support Healthy Aging, Longevity, Stay youthful dietary supplements, pet nutrition.
  • Skin care. — The ergothioneine transporter is also expressed in the skin and especially so in cells on the epidermal side, where EGT is found in high concentrations. It is believed that epidermal cells accumulate high levels of EGT to protect them from oxidative stress caused by ultraviolet light
  • Cognitive health. — EGT/ERGO crosses the blood-brain barrier. And it is found in tissues of the central nervous system. Multiple studies have shown EGT to be effective in treating neurodegenerative diseases, which are often the result of oxidative stress.

Is Ergothioneine safe?

Of cause!

According to ESFA, It is safe under this conditions. food supplement, with a daily dose of up to 30 mg/day for adults and 20 mg/day for children. The target population is children above 3 years of age and the general adult population, except pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Can I formulate ergothioneine with other ingredients?

Ergothioneine can be safely taken with anti-ageing nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen as well as antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin C and astaxanthin, etc.

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