Ginger Extract, Oil, Oleoresin


Ingredient: Ginger Extract
Botanical source: Zingiber officinale L.
Part of used: Root/Rhizomes
Ginger Dry Extract Powder: 5%-20% Gingerols
Ginger Oil: volatile oil NLT 99%
Ginger Oleoresin: 20%, 40% Gingerol
Package: 25kg/drum, 450kg/pallet

What is Ginger extract?

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a native plant of Asia , and has been used for medicinal purposes in China for more than 2,500 years.
The ginger contains an active ingredient “Gingerol” which has anti-inflammatory properties in in-vitro studies. The root of this plant has been in use as a traditional remedy for centuries against many ailments like nausea and indigestion. Besides, it is also used as a spice in a variety of dishes, beverages, and foods for flavoring in cosmetics and soaps for fragrance.

Why LifeBio’s Ginger Extract?

  1. LifeBio’s raw ginger is grown on in Yunnan province in southwestern China, which is one of the most suitable area for ginger. Ginger roots in this area have stronger taste and flavor, and content higher level of gingerol and volatile oil.
  2. Competive Price, and stable & sustainable supply capacity (Large-scale planting and production greatly reducing costs)
  3. Safe, conforms to EU, The U.S food regulation.
  4. Fast delivery

What are the benefits of ginger extract?

Reduces Nausea
Aids Digestion
Helps Fight The Flu And Common Cold
May Help With Weight Loss
May Significantly Reduce Menstrual Pain

Please noted that LifeBio do not sell to public directly. As a manufacturer & supplier, we focus on B2B.