Grape Seed Extract, OPC, Proanthocyanidins


Ingredient: Grape Seed Extract
Biotanical source: Vitis vinifera L
Biotanical origin: Europe
Apparence: Red Brown fine powder
Specification List:
95% OPC
95% Proanthocyanidins
Polyphenols 60%-90%

About grape seed extract

Grape seed extract an important source of one of nature’s most potent antioxidants, Proanthocyanidins, which can effectively remove excess free radicals in the body, anti-aging, enhance immunity, and cardiovascular health care.

What are the benefits of grape seed extract?

An antioxidant powerhouse to support healthy aging from the inside out
A full spectrum of polyphenols for heart, eyes, skin, blood vessels & more

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Why LifeBio Grape Seed Extract 95%?

  1. High quality European raw grape seed
  2. 100% grapes. Nothing more. (Please pay attention to less expensive/inferior quality grape seed extract in the market. The authenticity is difficult to guarantee. FDA has notified multiple substandard batches of grape seed extract.)
  3. Unique extraction method, high molecular weight OPCs (tannins) are gradually eliminated, while low molecular weight and bio-available/bio-active OPCs (dimers, trimers, tetramers and pentamers) are concentrated.
  4. Pricing is extremely competitive. (Benefit from the economies of scale in the production process)
  5. Fast delivery

Please noted that LifeBio do not sell to public directly. As a manufacturer & supplier, we focus on B2B.