Hyaluronic Acid | Sodium Hyaluronate

Item: HA-lifeTM Hyaluronic acid powder
Other Name: Sodium hyaluronate powder
Status: Vegan, Fermention, Pure
Food grade, Cosmetic grade
low molecular weight hyaluronic acid powder
high molecular weight hyaluronic acid powder
Appearance: White powder

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What is Hyaluronic Acid | Sodium Hyaluronate?

Hyaluronic Acid is a glycosaminoglycan (a polysaccharides) which occurs naturally in the human body in skin, cartilage, nerves, bones, and eyes. It is also a key component of synovial fluid within the joints. The average 70 kg (150 lb) person has roughly 15 grams of hyaluronan in the body, one-third of which is turned over (i.e., degraded and synthesized) per day.

Sodium Hyaluronate is a salt form of hyaluronic acid, processed to increase stability and minimize oxidation.

This product is classified as non-animal derived and non-GMO. This natural HA can be classified in The U.S. as “vegetarian” or “non-animal derived.” Hyaluronan is able to absorb as much as 1,000 its weight in water. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, medical, ocular, cosmetic and nutritional products manufacturing.

Why HA-lifeTM Hyaluronic acid powder?

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