LifeMega-E® Algae Oil Powder; Algae EPA powder

LifeMega-E® Algae Oil Powder; Algae EPA powder

Other name:
Vegan EPA; Vegan Omega-3;
Plant-based EPA; Plant-based Omega-3
Algae Powder Omega-3

Algae omega-3 powder -Vegan EPA powder

What is LifeMega-E® algae omega-3 oils, powders?

A sustainable, plant-based omega-3, vegan algae EPA with twice the potency – naturally – and all the benefits of fish oil.

Giving more people than ever before access to heart, brain, eye and immune benefits.

LifeMega isn’t just a nutrition ingredient; it’s a solution. It offers algae EPA, DHA independently, which make it able to support any Omega-3 formulation. <more about LifeMega-D® algae DHA>

LifeBio is an end to end partner. By choosing LifeMega algal omega-3, help to develop a successful of omega-3 supplement.

Features of LifeMega-E® Algae EPA

  • Pure Vegan omega-3 EPA formula derived from microalgae
  • Supports Brain Health, Eye Health, and immune
  • Superior quality – exceeding all international industry requirements
  • Krill-like EPA, better potency than fish oil.
  • Non-GMO, and plant-based

LifeMega-E® VS. Other plant based omega-3

Plant sources such as flax, hemp, chia, and ahiflower contain a short-chain precursor to true Omega-3 called ALA. They do not provide true DHA and EPA like algae does.

LifeMega-E® VS. Fish Oil omega-3

  • Unlike fish oil, algal oil starts pure, no heavy metal enrichment
  • Algae oil is free of fishy odor, and contains natural antioxidant, better stability
  • Algae EPA is krill-like vegan omega-3, It is more easily absorbed in the intestine, and the absorption rate is 50% higher Fish oil. Protect the oceans for sustainable use

Please noted that LifeBio do not sell to public directly. As a manufacturer & supplier of Algae omega-3 Powder, we focus on B2B.