Pure Natural L-Theanine


Ingredient: L-theanine powder
Resource: Green Tea, or fermented
Specification: 10%, 20%, 40%, 98%
Package: 25kg/drum

What is L-theanine?

L-Theanine is the major amino acid found exclusively in green tea. It is the key component of tea that imparts a sense of relaxation. For centuries, it’s been revered for its ability to boost brain function and promote a relaxed, yet alert state.

Why LifeBio pure natural L-theanine powder?

  1. Highly purified and standardized to 98% natural L-Theanines
  2. It is pure natural fermented ingredient, instead of an extract of green tea. Such unique fermentation process mimics the natural process in green tea leaves resulting in L-Theanine.
  3. No caffeine residue like green tea extract
  4. Safer than common green tea extract, because of no PAHs, pesticide residues risks
  5. Pricing is extremely competitive. (Benefit from the economies of scale in the production process)

Do you also supply L-theanine from green tea?

Yes, our green tea extract L-theanine conforms to EU, and The U.S food regulation.
The raw green tea is grown on a single 150-hectare plantation in Sichuan province in southwestern China, in full accordance with Good Agricultural & Collection Practices (GACP) and to standards that are organic-like. No pesticides are used – unusual in today’s green tea production industry, where herbicides and fungicides are widely applied to crops.

What are the benefits of L-theanine?

  1. Reduces physical and mental stress
  2. Improves sleep quality without causing drowsiness
  3. Reduces Symptoms of PMS
  4. Diminishes symptoms of PMS and Anxiety
  5. Suppresses side effects of caffeine, and improves cognition, mood in a synergistic manner with caffeine
  6. Increases satiety and decreases food intake

Please noted that LifeBio do not sell to public directly. As a manufacturer & supplier, we focus on B2B.