Quality Statement

LifeBio Organic ingredients-wild material picking

Credibility is built on transparency

Life Biotech is the leader in innovation for nutritional, organic ingredients in natural products industry. Quality is transparent from seed to label through organic farming, ethical sourcing, and sustainability. This is a total guarantee of control to the entire production chain from cultivation to production of ingredients. Customers are able to trace every step of the process.

LifeBio focuses on a strict criteria of quality measures in economic accountability, social responsibility, continued education in sustainability, proper safety training, and environmental leadership.

Our quality system consists of a quality control department and a quality assurance department. They use a quality management system that includes activities such as documentation, quality control, validation (factory, equipment, and computer systems), auditing, and submission of regulatory documents. The concept of current Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP) has been carried out for all the process from raw material procurement, production control, quality analysis to products release and after service. Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) are established throughout each production process, from raw materials purchasing and production through to product distribution. Completed SOP files was established by QA department and performed strictly in the whole factory.  Our laboratory is equipped with a complete range of sophisticated analytical instrumentation including HPLC, GC, UV, FTIR, PPSL, HP-TLC, Microbial, and LC/GC/ICP-MS.

LifeBio also collaborates closely with some authoritative third party laboratories to guarantee the top quality of all materials and fully traceability, such as Eurofins, Intertek…etc.

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